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Abdel-Latif Bahdari

Jordan Premier League - Attal, Lafi and Bahdari score

Confirmed: Palestine to play Dynamo Moscow in Jericho

Mark Your Calendars: World Cup Qualifying starts October 8, 2010

Football (Mandate) Palestine: 1928-1948

Thoughts on Olympic Team's Triumph

Olympic Team Update

Palestine(Olympic) vs Tunisia(Olympic)

Ramattan: PFA working to arrange 6 friendly matches

An Observation....

Womens NT plays first home match, U-20 suffers consecutive defeats

What would the perfect defense lineup look like?

It's a Celebration!!!

Goal vs UAE(10/10/09)

UAE 1-1 Palestine

Comment: UAE v Palestine

UAE vs. Palestine Preview

Palestine to play away to Terek Grozny and the UAE

Palestine dropped from Nehru Cup

Palestine to Replace Thailand at Nehru Cup

The PFA propagandists must be red in the face...

Palestinians Abroad: Fahed Attal on target as Al-Jazeera beat Wehdat

Transfer News: Fadi Lafi joins Al-Rifaa Sharqi

Palestinians Abroad: Keshkesh Scores double on Wehdat Debut

Transfer News: Leonardo Zamora to sign with Al-Masry

Palestinians Abroad: Mustafa on the move, Keshkesh seals deal with Wehdat, Sharbini Bros. power Reijka in Europa League....

Transfer News & Speculation: Wehdat to re-open Keshkesh talks, Bahdari gets 3-year extension

AFC World Cup Qualifying Format Announced

Highlights- China vs Palestine - 18/7/2009

China 3 - 1 Palestine

Check this out

Transfer News & Speculation: Unknown Gazan earns trial with Al-Masry, Emad "Abu El-Khair" Ayoub set to return to National Team?

Palestine to face China shorthanded, Bahdari border troubles

Thoughts/Rants on Palestine's tour of Iraq

Palestine vs Iraq Commentary

Iraq vs. Palestine: Initial Reaction/Rant

Iraq vs. Palestine Commentary

Iraq vs. Palestine Preview

Coach Mousa Bezaz Arrives

A Look Back: Palestine v Iraq

Transfer News: Wehdat capture Bahdari, but not Keshkesh

PFA Website: Press Conference Sunday

"Palestine to play Iraq in Arbil"

IDF detains Ismail Amour

French-Morrocan Mousa Bezaz takes over as Head Coach

PFA: China proposes a friendly on July 18th

Some thoughts now that AFC WC Qualification has wrapped up