Women's WCQ: Uzbekistan defeats Palestine

Palestine fell hard against Uzbekistan suffering a heavy 0-5 defeat in the third matchday of this AFC Womens Asian/World Cup Qualifier group in Kuala Lumpur. Palestine are all but eliminated from the group being currently in 4th position having played one more game than the top three teams in the group(top three qualify to next round).
On paper, there is some hope as a couple of scenarios will see the team through. I only chose those two because the others are impossible due to the fantastical goal differences.

1) Palestine, in their last match of the group on Saturday, win against Jordan; Kyrgyzstan loses or draws BOTH of their remaining two matches

2) Palestine defeat Jordan by a sizable margin ; Kyrgyzstan wins against the Maldives and loses heavily to Uzbekistan

I will not hold my breath for this one. To defeat Jordan will go against statistical principles. Either way, heres hoping the Ladies pull through and Kyrgyzstan has an epic slip up.