Unsubstantiated reports: Palestine-Sierra Leone FIFA sanctioned Friendly in Freetown?

[UPDATE 2.28.2010]: Make of it what you wish... this article was posted a day after chatter on the kooora forum suggested the match was cancelled.
[UPDATE 2.27.2010]: This match is NOT taking place.

According to chatter on the Kooora forums and some articles printed in the notoriously unreliable sports section of the Palestinian press, Al-Fursan will be taking part in a friendly on a FIFA date in Sierra Leone. One of the articles states that Moussa Bezaz sees this as critical preparation for the WAFF Championships in September due to take place in Beirut and 2014 World Cup Qualifying in October.

Another article goes into further detail by naming seven foreign based players in the squad: Ramzi Saleh (El-Ahly, Egypt), Majed Abusidu (Tadamon, Kuwait), Fahed Attal (Jazira, Jordan), Ahmed Keshkesh (Wehdat, Jordan), Abdelatif Bahdari (Wehdat, Jordan), and Mohammed Samara (Arab Contractors, Egypt).

And Also...
"Bezaz chose not to call up the Nîmes Olympique player, Imad Zatara due to his recent acquisition by the club and to give him a chance to prove his level in Ligue 2 but will call him for later matches. Fadi Lafi, as well has been left out of the squad due to tactical reasons and the bevy of attacking options available to the team."