National Team in Buriram, squad cut to 24 players

With Palestine's second round World Cup Qualifying clash with Thailand is less than 72 hours away we can now report that the National Team has arrived safely in rural Buriram. The trip spanned nearly 24 hours as the team travelled from their training camp in Amman to Bangkok with a stopover in Dubai. After arriving in Bangkok they made the 400 km journey to the site of the first leg clash.

The squad of 30 players has been cut down to 24. Strangely, no goalkeepers were cut meaning that there will be one healthy scratch- probably Toufic Ali- on the day of the game. The cuts that were made are as follows:

Abdelhamid Abuhabeeb (injured), Hesham Salhe (injured), Imad Zatara (Syrianska refused to release him), Rafit Eyad, Ahmed Harbi, & Khaled Salem.

The team is also expecting the late arrival of Ehab Abujazr who was due to join up with the team in Dubai (no information as of yet as to whether or not he was able to do that).

If Abujazr isn't able to join up with the team Bezaz might need to consider playing three at the back with Abusidu, Bahdari, and Jarun. Alternatively he could play Abusidu on the left and restore Husam Abu Saleh at right back.

The midfield picks itself: Ismael Amour, Samara, and Abu Bilal will support Murad Alyan while Houssam Wadi will be played alongside Khader Youssef as the doble pivotes that Bezaz is currently favoring.