Bahdari talks to the Saudi Press

Source: Al-Watan (KSA)

Saudi newspaper Al-Watan had a half-page special on Bahdari today. He joined newly promoted Hajer this season in the Zain Saudi Professional league (background). After three matchdays, Hajer are at 9th place with three points from one win.
A lot of what is discussed in the interview was covered before on the blog so I only translated questions and answers selectively. (Here's an online link to the original interview.)

FP's translation:

You have been dubbed Palestine's ambassador to Saudi Arabia, what does that mean to you?
I hold that nickname dearly and try to perform my best to reflect the level Palestinian football has reached. I hope to succeed in this new experience to motivate other Palestinians to play abroad and to encourage clubs to acquire Palestinian players.

Why did you choose the Saudi league? Did you get offers from other leagues?
The Saudi league has a high reputation and is very developed compared to other Arab leagues. It also has a huge following from all over the Arab world, especially in Palestine. Playing in the Saudi league is a dream and a significant milestone in any Arab player's career.
I received offers from a number of Kuwaiti clubs and from Smooha in Egypt and Al-Ansar here in Saudi.

You were delayed in joining Hajer's summer training camp in Cairo...
The Israeli authorities were stubborn in giving me an exit visa from Gaza and Jordan to be able to join in time..I had to catch up with the team later in Al-Ahsa'a.

How would you address the expectations of Hajer supporters?

They should be patient with the team as it is newly promoted and most of its players haven't played at this level and still need time to harmonize together. I promise them I will perform in a way that reflects the club's history and deliver good matches with the team.

How do you see your team's chances?
Our goal is to continue for a second season in the top flight to gain experience playing the big clubs. This will give us the confidence needed to give better performances in future seasons.

Do you have your eyes set on any other clubs besides Hajer in the league?
Every player strives to play for the big clubs..I have those ambitions and hope to realize them after I succeed here.