Rapid Reaction: Iran 7 : 0 Palestine (Friendly*)

Palestine Starting XI (4-4-2): Shbair; Fares, Barghouthi, Al-Masri, Hijazi; Amour (c), K. Youssef, Kawre', Obeid; Attal, Abugharqud.

Goals: 1-0 (Ghazi), 2-0 (Ansarifard), 3-0 (Nekounam) p., 4-0 (Montazeri), 5-0 (Kazemian), 6-0 (Nouri), 7-0 (Kazemian) p.

Recap: The silver lining here is that this match might not enter FIFA's record books because the match officials were Iranian ([UPDATE] Iran used 7 subs, so it isn't an official game). That said it was an affair that seemed doomed from the very first minute. Palestine managed to hold on for the first 44 minutes in that span Shbair made at least half-a-dozen saves. Iran racked up 9 corners (Palestine had none) and were dominating in every single phase of the game. It isn't a surprise seeing how many key players were missing for Palestine. The best goal of the game was Pejman Nouri's wonder strike to make it 6-0. The worst goal was the opener not only was it a bad time to go down a goal but there was a lot of ball-watching going on the part of Shbair and his defenders. The two penalties awarded to Iran by their countryman were legitimate although Kazmeian did sell it.

What I didn't like: The 4-4-2. This just goes to show that the "interim staff" have no idea what they're doing. Abugharqud and Attal were invisible for much of the game, the midfield was overwhelmed and far too flat.

What I liked: Iran play some nice football, they're quite fun to watch (although not when they're beating Palestine 7-0). Abuhabib made his debut, Khaled Salem had the only shot on goal, Suleiman Obeid chipped the keeper but saw his shot hit the cross bar. [UPDATE] After looking over the tape, I have to say Raed Fares might have been the best player out there today- most the attacks came down Hijazi's side, Raed Fares cannot be blamed for any of the goals- which is weirdly impressive.

Wake up call: The PFA seems to think that it isn't really important to have a manager. They also don't put in enough of an effort to establish a relationship with clubs that have Palestinian players in their ranks. So you get situations were a player is called up only for the club to refuse his release (which is what happened to Bahdari). They've taken it upon themselves to send two weakened squads to Indonesia and Iran without a manager. I don't know how much wisdom and experience can be derived from 7-0 drubbings especially when the team so clearly lacks a game plan.

What's Next: Pan-Arab Games in December. Maybe the PFA will have a real manager and something representing a first choice squad by then.

(I will post more analysis in the comments section, some of my views/analysis just can't be contained in a RR piece).