Olmypic squad to compete at Islamic Solidarity Games announced

Palestine's Olympic team's preparations have ramped up with kick off to the 4th Islamic Solidarity Games fast approaching. The unofficial tournament won't headline any football fan's calendars but will serve as essential preparation for an Olympic team looking to qualify for their first ever U23 AFC Championship in July.

Olympic Team manager Ayman Sandouqa has revealed his final squad which will travel to Baku to participate in the tournament that will run from May 8th to May 21st.

In the last edition, Palestine lost to eventual champions Morocco 3-1 and beat eventual runners up Indonesia, 2-1. The combination of results saw all teams even on three points and Palestine were eliminated by goal difference. It was an improvement on their inaugural performance which saw Palestine lose all three games to Algeria, Saudi Arabia, and Yemen respectively.

This year Palestine will participate alongside seven other teams- they have been grouped alongside Turkey, Algeria, and Oman.

Palestine has included overage players in the squad with goalkeeper Ghanem Mahajneh (26) chief amongst them.

Full Squad Below...

GKNaim Abu AkerAhli Al-Khaleel01/19/1995
GKGhanem MahajnehShabab Al-Khaleel04/20/1991
GKRamzi Al-FakhuriThaqafi Tulkarem02/18/1996
DFHazem AbdullahTaraji Wadi Al-Nes02/21/1996
DFYousef Al-AshabShabab Al-Khaleel02/10/1995
DFBahaa WridatShabab Al-Dhahrieh02/17/1997
DFWael ShaarawiShabab Al-Khaleel04/09/1995
DFAhmed ZuryaqiMerkaz Asker
DFAlaa HaboosEslah Al-Burj (LIB)
DFMohammed SalehAhli Al-Khaleel07/18/1993
DFYazan OweiwiTaraji Wadi Al-Nes06/06/1994
DFAhmed Al-SayedHilal Al-Quds
MFOmar SandouqaAl-Bireh06/22/1996
MFMohanad FannounShabab Al-Khaleel09/18/1995
MFOday Al-DabbaghHilal Al-Quds12/03/1998
MFMahmoud Abu WardaMerkaz Balata05/31/1995
MFMohammed YameenThaqafi Tulkarem09/19/1994
MFAbdullah Abu MuhsenTubas
MFIslam BatranWadi Degla (EGY)10/01/1994
MFTamer TaturShabab Al-Khaleel02/03/1988
FWMahmoud WadiIttihad Khan Younes12/18/1994
FWMohammed MaraabaThaqafi Tulkarem03/11/1994
FWMohammed Obeid Hilal Al-Quds 09/30/1998